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Value vs. Value

Value vs. Value
Do you want Inexpensive? IF that is All you Want Then You Will definitely get a half Bucket of paint and half water, along with A Major Headache Not to Mention the Added Expense to Correct the Problems, or Just Finish the Job.  If you want an Experienced Reasonable Painter, Call A Cut Above Painters, or look them up http://www.acapainters.com
Don't just pick up painters outside the Local Paint store, there is usually a Good reason why they are there, and it is not because work is slow, they are usually just unemployed, and 9 times out of 10 it is for stealing or Curbing jobs from there Employer, or Just doing sub standard work. They are Definitely NOT licensed and Definitely NOT insured, and when the paint job needs warranty work which it most definitely will, or there becomes a problem during the job, you will never win, they will disappear and you will never find them again. Answer This Question: "Do you just pick up any stranger and let them walk around in your home, Placing Them in a Position to look through your Personal Belongings when you are not Around, AND Place Them in The Position to Case your house in order to rob you later when your not home, after seeing your Schedule and Habits Over the Few Days They are Working in and Around your Home and belongings?" There is a reason you want a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor, who knows what they are doing, and for which in the event A job goes South (Which Can Happen to the Best of Us), you the Paying Customer will have legal recourse and warranty to CYA in the event the Problem is Found to be the fault of the Contractor.

CSLB Laws are not there to protect the Contractor, They are in place to protect you the Home Owner. You Pay Money Every Month to Insure your Investments Like House, Car, and
Toys, Then doesn't it Make Sense to Pay a Little More to Assure your investment is Protected, Especially When it is Work Being Done on your most Expensive and Important Asset
"You're Home". The Reason for painting is not just for a Fresh look, it is also to properly maintain and protect your House. I don't understand why people always want to pay the least on the job that actually means the most during a renovation. The finishing is what everyone see's and makes or breaks the project. Unfortunately The Finishing Comes After the other
projects have Put the Entire Remodel over budget, Causing the Finishing to become the area in the Project where corners start getting cut, and Plans go out the window.

Remember you get what you pay for, just because a painter works for a painting company and can paint what he or she is told to Paint, doesn't mean they know how to bid and coordinate a job or properly manage a Budget. These Painters are Worried About 1 Thing, and One thing Only, Cutting as many Corners as Possible, Buying the Cheapest Paint they Can Find, so they can make the Most Money. They Can. Usually what happens after they realize they under bid so much to make you feel it is a UN beatable deal, they just take whatever money they have been advanced for Materials, and leave you high and dry.

Remember these Painters are not working When You Find Them, have NO Cash flow to operate, you will need to advance everything up front, and keep giving them money daily to purchase more and more Material, and they are not shy when it comes to asking for more, more, more. So Now you have No Protection, The Wrong Materials, and A Unhappy Painter, who is just thinking Money, not Quality. It is the Perfect Scenario for Disaster. Now on top of All This, You can be cited by the State for hiring unlicensed Contracted labor. Last And MostImportant, If they Get Hurt at Your Home, they Do not Have Insurance, so Guess Who Will be Picking up the Tab, and Getting Sued? So lets ask the Same Question Again? Is Saving a Few Hundred Dollars Really Worth the Risk? That is Ultimately Up to You the Customer.

Our Suggestions Are:

1) Get at least three estimates from reputable painters.
2) Compare everything apples to apples, not oranges.
3) Make a educated decision on Exactly Which Work you Want
4) Now That you have a Good Idea of the Cost, See How That
Compares to Your Budgeting Ideas.
5) Ask A lot of Questions and Get Clarification on Areas that
you Have Concerns About, Like Materials, # of Coats, Repairs,
Prep, Colors, Etc.
6) Communicate With the Contractor You Feel Most
Comfortable with. Go with your Gut, if it doesn't feel like the
Connection is there Do not Force the issue, just Because of a
Number, Negotiate the Price with the Contractor you are
most comfortable with, They will work with you, "I Know I Do".
7) Negotiate a price, which will be Good for both parties.
Sacrifice and Compromise has to be a 2 Way Street. Plus It
keeps the industry in check, as well as promotes healthy
8) Once an Agreement is Reached, Set a Tentative Start Date,
but under NO circumstances allow a Contractor to rush you
on your Color Choices, Get samples, and Make Sure you are
100% Satisfied you have the Colors you want, before Saying
9) Do NOT Make Any Deposits or Down Payments. 
(If the Contractor Requires a Down Before any Work Starts)
Remember CA State Law Says the Maximum Amount Allowed by
law is 10% or $200 Which Ever is LESS. AND ALL DEPOSITS ARE
If a Contractor Says “NON Refundable”, Run
the Other Way. That Should Be a Deal Breaker. A Three
Day Right to Cancel is a Device to protect you from
Contractors, knocking at your door, hard selling you to Say
Yes, and Starting the Job the Same Day, Not Allowing you to
Really Make an Educated Decision. It is NOT a Device for
Contractors to make you feel locked into a contract and
Keep your Down payment. I have Personally Been Witness to
That Scenario Happening, and In My Opinion it is Stealing. If a
Painter Cant Wait Until they Actually Start Work for a
Progress payment, then that should be a Red Flag. We Do Not
Purchase Any Paint Until the Day We Need it, so it is really
just a Way contractors who are short on cash use Peter to
Pay Paul.
10) A Cut Above Painters Takes ZERO MONEY UNTIL THE FIRST
DAY OF WORK; with the Remaining Balance is Due on
Completion. We Are Not a Bank to Hold Your Money, Because
Until We Start Work you have the Right to Cancel, and
Because no work or Materials have been Purchased or
Performed, You are entitled to every cent you put down
returned to you in a timely manor.
11) Last but Not Least Watch Out for Low Ball Bids, and A lot
of Added Charges for Work which should be Included in the
Job Anyway. 

A Few of These Items Are: 
1) They Will Paint the Walls and the Underside of the Eaves the same Color. They
Will not discuss this with you in advance, Then when you tell them you want the eaves the same color as the fascia boards, the added charge can be as much as $500. 
2) Added Charge for More than 2 Colors. Almost every house has at least 3 if not 4 with the front door accent, and gates if included.
3) Watch the Terminology "We recommend Premium Paint, butthey will bring the grade of Paint up after they start, and of course you want the best, so they will up charge you anywhere from 2-300 dollars. 
4) Paint Booster, a Gallon of Booster cost about $40 and can treat an entire exterior job,
the will use less than premium Paint telling you the price you want to here, but then charge you $250 to add booster, where the correct Paint doesn’t need it. 
5) Last and Most important is the # of Coats. They will low quote you and write 1 coat, knowing no matter what the job needs 2 (When was the last time anyone ever Painted anything, and just applied 1 coat and it was done?) Well after the first coat is up, you will
get approached and told the color needs added coats, and the cost will be this, because your contract states 1 coat, you are responsible for the added expense. Make sure that if
there is a question of number of coats, and there could be more than 2 on some colors, the added cost is outlined in your contract ahead of time.

So When A Extremely Low Quote Looks To Good To Be True, IT IS. We all Pay Close to the Same Pricing for Paint, and the Jobs all take the same time, if done correctly, so if 2 bids are close, but there is a third or forth which is so far off you ask WOW how can they do that, the reason is called Bait and Switch. They are just interested in getting in the front door,
after that they will nickel and dime the job back to what the other quotes originally where and sometimes even more. 

These Scenarios Are not here to Frighten Anyone, and make you think there are all these terrible dishonest contractors, hanging in alleys waiting to prey on homeowners, it is just to make you aware, and to protect you with knowledge. Thankfully those types of people are the minority, but they are out there, and even more so with this economy. Shortage of work and Money causes desperate measures. Just be careful. Just because it is the Cheapest, Doesn't Mean you’re saving anything. Compare Products used, number of coats, how long the warranty, free sampling or not. There are numerous services and items that constitute value, not just bottom line price.

Visit this CSLB Website Link https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/Che
ckLicense.aspx to check license status.

Or go to our web site at http://www.acapainters.com, and click on our license number to be directly linked.

A Cut Above Painters Lic # 922734
"A Cut Above the Competition"
Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
At A Cut Above Painters, Our Reputation is based on Honesty
and Attention to Detail— Your Assurance of a Job Well Done.
We Focus on the Details of Every Project — Interior and
Exterior — and We Focus on You, our Client.

Our Services Include:
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Apartment and office Painting
  • Cabinet Painting/Staining
  • Fence Painting/Staining
  • Garage Floor Epoxy
  • Floor and Parking Lot Striping and Stenciling
  • OSHA Safety Painting and Marking
  • Door and Trim Painting
  • Dry Rot Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Dry Wall Repair
  • Stucco Repair
  • Trim Installation
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Texture Application
  • Metal and Wrought Iron Painting

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Cut Above Painters - “Earth Tones Are In”

A Cut Above Painters - “Earth Tones Are In”
 A Cut Above Painters, Believes All Styles and Trends Come and Go in Cycles. Years Ago, ACA Painter Says, “It was Common for Homeowners to Make Bold Statements with Their Choices in Their Color Choices," but Now it’s the Total Opposite.  “Homeowners are Toning Down the Bold Colors and Leaning Towards The Neutral Earth Tones, and Encompassing The Occasional Bold Accent Color Into Their Pallet to Show Just a Touch of Their Personality.”
1923 Craftsman Home

One With Nature:
ACA Painter States, Bringing a Sense of Nature into Their Paint Scheme makes the area Feel and Look Warm and Inviting. Today’s Color Choices Tend to Reflect a Heightened
 Sense of Environmental Awareness “Earth Tones make the Neighborhood Feel One
 With Nature and, In a Sense, Blend into The Surrounding Environment”. With Continuity Between
 Earth Tones and the Environment will Actually Make the Overall Area Feel More Rural.
Color Recommendations:
If You Are Interested in Finding a Color Palette of Your Own? ACA Painter Says “Today’s Top Choices are Subtle Browns, Tans, Subtle Greys, Sage Green, Some Yellows, and Auburn.”  Keep in Mind That Earth Tones Are Extremely Common Going Up in Popularity For Indoor Applications As Well. The Earth Tones Tend to Make a Room Look Slightly Smaller than White, But at The Same Time will make  the Areas Feel Warm, Inviting, and Lived In. This is a Big Departure From Years Ago, When the Trend Was White or Light Colors Which Made the House Feel Cold and Sterile.”
The Highlighting of a Specific Area 
will Give a Room Purpose, as Well as Personality, ACA Painters Recommends Using One Wall as an Accent Wall. Accent Colors Are Used to Give the House Just Enough Character, and to Show the Personality of the Homeowner or Person Selecting the Colors.
"Evidently, A Lot of Personal Style Goes Into Color Selection."ACA Painters Believes a Home is What You Make It, So if You are Cold and Uninviting then the Colors In your House Will Reflect That, and If you are a Warm and Inviting Person, That Will Also Show Through your Choice of Colors.
Brand Recommendations:
When Looking for a Specific Brand, ACA Painters Recommends Quality Paints  such as Dunn Edwards, Frazee, and Glidden Higher End Paint Lines. “The Quality of Paint is Noticeable”. Bottom Line, the Upper-End Premium Paints Walk Away From The Lower End and Mid Grade Paints in Durability and Vibrancy. ACA Painters Explains this to there Customers, and 99% Do Not Mind Paying a Little for there Paint and After They See The Finished Job Love it.
If You Select Earth Tones, The Overall Feel Will Be Warmth, Tranquility, Peace, and Quiet. “In our Opinion, Bringing These Qualities Into Your Living Environment Lowers Stress and Gives Your Home a Lived In Feeling.”  ACA Painter says. “It Makes Others Feel Invited and Comfortable When In Your Home.”
A Cut Above Painters is a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Painting Company. A Cut Above Painters Services ares such as the Riverside Metropolitan Area, Corona, Norco, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Wildomar, Murrieta, Temecula, Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, Ontario, Mira Loma, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Montclair, Claremont, San Dimas, La Verne, Walnut, Diamond Bar, Brea, Fullerton, Anaheim, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Orange, and Tustin.
See “A Cut Above Painters” at http://www.acapainters.com And Schedule Your Free Estimate On Line.  Visit http://jlpjinc.shutterfly.com to View Numerous Before and After Photos of Our Work.